Samuel Beyer – Ein Nachruf

Eine schlimme Nachricht die uns gestern erreicht hat. Wir können es immer noch nicht glauben: Samuel Beyer hat uns verlassen. Wir trauern mit Samuels Familie und Freunden.

Aachen hat definitiv eine Legende verloren.

Wir können euch nicht eindringlich genug darum bitten gegenseitig aufeinander Acht zu geben. Sprecht miteinander und helft euch gegenseitig. Zur Not lasst euch helfen, ganz egal, aber so etwas darf nicht passieren.

Samuel Beyer - Bs Nosegrind | Foto: Jean Marie-Dutz

Wir können uns Lukas Rosens Worten nur anschliessen…

When I started skating in Aachen back in 2006 you were the first skateboarder I looked up to. I did not know much about skateboarding but just the way you skated looked fucking cool. Your style and your trick choice were ahead of everyone else in the Aachen skate scene. This never chanced, you just had what it takes to make skateboarding look interesting, no matter what you skated. Later in life we became friends, and I’m so glad I got to know you. You were this super gentle guy that you could talk about skating and life for hours. You were open to new things, be that the more underground side of skateboarding or embracing girls into our little skate scene. No matter what spot we would go, you never complained but always tried to find a way of expressing yourself on an obstacle. But there was also a darker side of you. You carried a pain in yourself that I could not grasp and you tended towards self medication. There is a lot of bad things you did to people including some of my and your closest friends, a lot of psychological and physical pain that can never be justified. But I want you to know that I always saw you as a friend of mine and I will forever keep the Samuel in my heart that was 100% stoke. Because everyone who got to know you really knows you we not only depressed and broken, you were a good person with a warm heart. I remember the last part me and @gehtdenn filmed of you back in 2016. It was two weeks before the premiere of summertimekiller, you had filmed maybe 2 tricks and you told us you wanted to have a full part. We were kind of pissed because we filmed for that video for almost 9 months and you were onto something else the whole time. But you did not care, you just wanted that part. So we got on the streets with you for two days and what came out was the coolest part in the whole video. The way you skated those old televisions and made that funny phone booth scene, the mall grab track and that you shared a part with the girls is just beyond sick. Everyone who has been to the banks in Aachen knows that kickflip is beyond impossible. You did it as if it was nothing. I miss you Samuel and I love you. You will not be forgotten.

Dieses Video dokumentiert Samuel bei seinem ehrenamtlichen Workshop im Sudan im Jahr 2017.

Rest easy Sam!